[VRChat SDK 3.0] M4/AR-15 Prefab for VRC

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Unity's M4/AR-15

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This prefab works with WD on AND off, it also includes an animator controller for left handed people! (THIS PREFAB IS NOT QUEST COMPATIBLE)

If you have any questions, issues or feature requests message me on discord! (Unity#1821)

My most complex, overengineered and customisable product yet! with over 35 different barrels, scopes, grips and more!


  • Full ammo system!
  • Gesture reload system!: You're able to take out the mag and pull back the slide all with gestures, including a functional bolt release!

Dynamics reload system! physically grab and pull back the charging handle to load and unload the rifle, you can also physically grab the magazine to reload too!

Physics obeying magazine!:

  • Velocity is calculated for the magazine so if you flick the M4 while ejecting the magazine, it will be ejected at a faster velocity!
  • Gravity is also calculated so you cant eject the magazine will the rifle is upside down (Thanks to Durrvish for inspiration)

Select fire modes! switch between semi automatic mode and fully automatic mode!

Functioning Forward assist! always gotta give the bolt a little love tap :>

Functioning Bipod! place and drop the bipod in the world and it will function like an actual bipod!

Place the M4 in the world! Is the rifle getting a little heavy? well just place it down and forget about it :D



  • ACOG scope
  • MBUS iron Sights
  • Colt M4 Iron Sights
  • 10x30 Sniper Scope
  • Primary Arms RDS
  • EOTech Holographic sight (With functioning Magnifier!)
  • ATACR Scope
  • HAMR scope
  • SRO Angled Sight


  • 14 inch Stock Colt Barrel
  • 10.5 Inch Barrel
  • 16 Inch SLR MLOK
  • 20 Inch Custom Barrel
  • M110 Barrel


  • Stock Colt Stock
  • CQR Stock
  • GLSHOCK Stock
  • M110 Stock
  • PRS Stock
  • Or just have no stock at all! (who needs recoil control anyways)

Grips and Pistol Grips:

  • Angled Foregrip
  • Bipod (Fully functional)
  • CQR Foregrip
  • Vertical Foregrip
  • Hogue Pistol Grip
  • Skeleton Pistol Grip


  • 30 Round STANAG
  • 30 Round PMAG
  • 60 Round Magpull Drum Mag


  • Stock Colt Flash hider
  • Magpull Flash hider
  • M110 Suppressor
  • AAC SDN Suppressor
  • TUNDRA Suppressor


  • ZenitCo Flashlight (With Improved "Pavlov-like" Volumetric lighting!)
  • UltraFire Flashlight (With Improved "Pavlov-like" Volumetric lighting!)
  • PEQ15 Laser Sight (With Controllable laser hue!)


  • You CANNOT resell or distribute this model.
  • You CANNOT use this asset for commercial use.
  • You CANNOT share any assets, unless both parties have purchased the original assets.
  • You CANNOT publicly post this asset anywhere included but not limited to: Discord Servers/Messages, Google Drives, Mediafire, Or any other file hosting server.
  • You CAN use this asset on public Avatars for VRChat.
  • You CAN edit and modify the asset for your own personal use.

Refunds are not available due to the assets being digital and not physical!

By purchasing this asset you agree and accept the terms and conditions, if you break TOS then I reserve the right to revoke you access to the product and blacklist you from purchasing any of my current or future products.


3DGunsmith / Florian Neumann / qww177 / haluksarnel

M4 Model and attachments


Scope shaders


Shaders for Most of the model and flashlight shaders


Shaders for the particles


Textures for the particles


Provided the awesome Rexouium texture used in the preview footage (you should check him out he makes cool stuff :>)

And special thanks to Sera_Foxx, Thief, ~Fù~ and ArcKing for helping with the beta testing!

And a massive thank you to my good friend Fluffy for helping me understand fully how the M4 works and for providing lots of feedback and support. This wouldn't have been possible without you bud ❤️

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Due to the asset being digital and not physical, there will be no refunds issued for this product (unless there has been accidental repeat purchases)

Last updated Aug 5, 2023

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[VRChat SDK 3.0] M4/AR-15 Prefab for VRC

57 ratings
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